Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crocker/Larimer/Beardsley/Fielding House

The greatly altered and expanded dwelling that now houses Fielding Funeral Home was designed during 1888 for Frank R. Crocker and his wife, Minnie (Arnold) Crocker, by his brother-in-law, Minneapolis architect Edward S. Stebbins. The plans for the house are housed in the James K. Hosmer Special Collections Library at the Hennepin County (Minnesota) Library as part of the Edward S. Stebbins collection.

As built, the house had only small entrance porches, The turret at the southeast angle of the home was entriely exposed, which would have allowed a great deal of light to flood into the southeast turret rooms. The photo abive, taken during the late 1890s, shows the Crocker home in the distance to the right sans porches.

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