Friday, March 22, 2013

Doc Fisher's office

818 and 820 East Braden Avenue

This small building just off the northeast corner of the square, built during 1949, doesn't get much attention these days primarily, I think, because the life appears to have gone out of it. Although I can't see the roof, it appears to be structurally sound and in good condition. A little paint, a flower pot perhaps and a lively tenant or two would improve the situation. When it begins to look like spring, I'll take a friendlier photograph.

The building was constructed during 1949 for Dr. Merriam C. Fisher (1909-1975), who was our family dentist. Children are unlikely to have pleasant memories of visits to the dentist, but I do remember how bright and light and spotlessly clean his offices were --- and the drawings of Chariton landmarks by a Fisher daughter that decorated the walls. These drawings, or versions of them, now hang in the library at the Lucas County Historical Society Museum. Dr. Fisher's offices were at the east end of the building. The door at the west end leads into a separate small office.

Here's an article from The Chariton Herald-Patriot of Oct. 4, 1949, just after Dr. Fisher had moved into his new quarters.


Dr. M.C. Fisher, formerly located in the First State bank building, is now in his new offices across the street south of the Hotel Charitone.

A new building has been erected on this spot, built especially for a dentist's office, with the exception of one room which has a separate entrance and is used by Bob Larimer as his investment and insurance office.

Dr. Fisher has the latest of facilities, including laboratories, operating rooms, etc. He has seven rooms at his disposal and all on the ground floor.

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  1. I went to the dentist there in the last 20 years but I forgot the dentist's name! A few years ago I picked up a lot of sticks by the side of this building, as I wanted to make some stick crafts, and helped clean up the area that way. : ) Thank you for your lovely blog, enjoy it so much!