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Grand Theatre Building

The Chariton Leader, 5 September 1912

A gentleman from St. Joseph was here on the first of the week and contracted for the erection of a theatre building on the Riebel lot, just north of the Star Bakery. It is to be especially erected for a theatre, one story, 20x100 feet, with raised floors and asbestos curtains. He said he would give bond for a long term lease and if he does so the building will be built immediately.

The Chariton Leader, 6 March 1913

The Grand Theatre building on the east side of the square is nearing completion and is a thing of beauty and we hope a joy forever. the inside walls are artistically finished in blending colors and present a charming effect. The stage at the rear is 20x20 feet with dressing apartments below. Mr. Banning has moved his family here from Des Moines, and expects to open up the theatre some time in April. He is an experienced show man and owns severl motion picture shows in various parts of the state. While the Temple Theatre has always pleased, competition is the life of trade, and both will probably do better by another being here.

The Chariton Herald-Patriot, 20 March 1913

Chariton has a second picture show, the Grand theater under the management of J.D. Banning being thrown open to the public last week. The room was especially arranged for a moving picture show with high ceilings, a loft in the rear for the operator's booth and orchestra, while 240 comfortable opera chairs are arranged for the public. A suction fan will be placed at the east end of the building and four 14-inch fans will be installed to provide pure air for a crowded house. The booth for the operator is constructed of steel with asbestos lining, thus minimizing the danger of fire, while a side door and two doors near the stage provide quick means of exit in case of accident. Screen, lenses and machinery are rapidly being brought into excellent condition and only the best and cleanest pictures will be shown. The new theater and the building in which it is located is a credit to the east side of the square. Mr. Banning expects to make his permanent home in Chariton and has already secured a suite of rooms in the Smythe block.

The Chariton Leader, 11 December 1913

The Grand Theatre building will be extended east to the alley and work of excavation has begun. This will give them double floor space to accommodate the crowds that attend the movies nightly. They have been giving three shows an evening and then could not accommodate all. An orchestra has been added and good music will be a special feature.

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