Sunday, March 17, 2013

The square as it appeared in 1929

The South Side in 1929.

This series of four photographs was taken during 1929 and used to illustrate double-page spreads in the Chariton High School yearbook, The Charitonian, which introduced its sponsor advertising sections during 1930 and 1931. By the time the 1930 edition published, however, the southside had been substantially diminished by a major fire of February, that year, that destroyed the three-story Temple/Lincoln Theater building and the single-front building adjacent to it and gutted the almost-new Ritz Theater. Although both the Ritz and the building west of it had been rebuilt by 1930, apparently the yearbook staff preferred the earlier photo and used it again in 1931. Original images, if still extant, have not been located.

The West Side in 1929.

The North Side in 1929.

The East Side in 1929.

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