Thursday, March 8, 2012

East Side: Knights of Pythias Building

The Knights of Pythias building, constructed during 1894, originally housed retail operations on its first floor and lodge rooms for the fraternal organization on its second. It is one of few buildings on the square to retain its original cast metal cornice containing both the year of construction and the name of the organization that commissioned it.

This structure also can be document as a design by prolific Chariton architect O.A. Hougland. The Chariton Herald of March 15, 1894, reported, "Architect O.A. Hougland was awarded, on bid, last Monday, the contract for the new Knights of Pythias building, and if the weather permits, excavation will begin early next week."


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  1. I wish all the buildings still had their metal cornices, as they really add to the beauty of the square's buildings.