Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 1963 parking, traffic rearrangement

This photo, taken by John Rhodes from atop the then-Rexall Drug building on Saturday afternoon, June 9, 1963, shows the new parking and traffic-management system installed on the Chariton square during the previous week. It was published in The Chariton Leader on June 11, 1963. Designed by the Motor Club of Iowa’s Traffic Engineering Department, the design was based upon a study conducted in Chariton during October of 1962 and was unveiled during February. The Chariton City Council approved the plan on May 6, 1963, rejecting an accompanying recommendation that parking meters be installed, too. Cost of the project was $17,490.

Prior to this arrangement, Chariton’s square had resembled those in most other town-square cities with angled parking at curbside around the courthouse and along Grand, Braden, Main and Court with two rows of nose-to-nose vehicles in the center. The new plan also routed two lanes of one-way traffic in a counterclockwise direction around the square. This was modified later to reopen the south side of the square to two-way traffic.

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